Initial web design - this is a one off fee to create a unique website for your company and upload it to servers in the UK. The design contains the following:


  • Up to 5 pages of static information using the same layout for each page, but with small variations to accommodate the different page requirements.
  • Your choice of mail forwarding or a POP3 mailbox, or you can simply use an existing email address if you prefer.
  • Basic search engine optimisation [SEO] is included, this means that I will analyse the wording within your site and determine the best keywords to use throughout the site in order to maximise your ranking within the search engines, then I will ensure that those keywords are used in the most effective way and advise you if I feel that the text needs to be restructured in order to maximise keyword efficiency.




Domain name - I will register a domain name of your choice, assuming it is available, for a period of 1 year. Alternatively I can use any domain name you already own, or you may register a domain name yourself if you so wish.




12 months web hosting - on a LiteSpeed powered server located in the UK. I rent server space from a highly reputable company, I don't use free hosting sites to host customer's websites as some budget web designers are known to do.




Updates - Changes to the original design, redesigns and updates are charged by the hour.


per hour: £20



Add ons:


Contact form: This allows people to send you a message right off the contact page rather than via an email client. There are two main advantages apart from making things easy for your potential customers. One advantage is that it hides your email address which helps to prevent spam harvesters from finding your address to add to their database, the second main advantage is that you can specify boxes of information that people need to fill in before they can send their message, this information can then be structured how you want to receive it.


free* or from £25


* For the free option you can create your own form on any of several sites offering this service, this allows you to edit your form yourself whenever you like. All I need is a small piece of code which the site will provide for you and I can embed the form into your site.