On the left you can see images showing examples of some of my work, there's a few more on other pages.


None of the sites use cookies or need javascript except for a small bit of javascript to keep the copyright notice up to date but it isn't essential to the site and most viewers won't notice if it isn't there.


It's my aim to keep my designs as simple as possible and to avoid the viewer being required to run add-ons in their browser in order to view the site, however, at times a customer's demands require the inclusion of scripts to add extra features that they feel justify the necessity.


It's worth noting the elements of each design that are common to almost all the sites, namely a menu, a banner at the top and a footer at the bottom. The banner is usually a custom made image, often just text based but sometimes incorporating graphics, the custom banner is included in the design fee.


A footer closes the page and usually includes a copyright notice and a 'designed by' link back to this website. You can have contact details in the footer if you wish so that it's available on every page. The footer can be as big or as small as you like.


In all but the simple one page designs there is of course a menu. The menu can be horizontal or vertical, it can be plain text links or text within a simple coloured button, or the buttons can be animated when the mouse hovers over them. In all examples there is a 'mouse over' effect, most often a colour change, so that the viewer is aware that the link is clickable.


The page width is variable and depends on several factors. The content of the page can determine the width, if you have a lot of text then a wider page will accommodate it better, if you have very little to say it looks better on a narrower page. You can have text on one side and images on the other, like this page, or you can have images underneath a body of text, or you can have images placed within the body of text where they are relevant.